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Motorsports Finally?

I could explain the absence but I think I’d rather procrastinate on that until I have a good explanation other than just not giving enough of a shit. The transition into a full time position hasn’t really happened just yet but I’m going to be positive and put into the universe what I would like to have happen. After round one of Formula Drift Pro2 helping my friend Rob Carlsen, I’ve decided that making a career out of professional drifting is a good idea but a difficult one to implement. I’m for damn sure going to have to deal with a severely decreased income but I’ve positioned myself in life to where that is possible with a few more moves to be made.

Here’s to going for it 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽


V12 S-Chassis

This might not be the best idea but yeah…

V12 Teardown006

V12 Teardown007

V12 Teardown003

V12 Teardown002  V12 Teardown004 V12 Teardown005   V12 Teardown008