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NASA Drift Wild Horse Motorsports Park (WHOMP) East Track

I think I’m getting a little too artsy because of the crappy zoom on the kit lens. I need to get back to basics but that means a $400 lens, shit.














I might get around to putting together the video footage I got but I’m not enthusiastic being I used a Rebel T2i and a kit lens with no media access.


Recap and Crash

So, crashing sucks. I’m sitting in my office thinking about the tasks ahead and how to proceed.


I really was hoping to get a bunch more events in before this happened but I knew it would. Part of all the experiments I’ve been doing involve having low amounts of front grip. Why, I’m not really sure. I feel like I’ve been able to manage low power and low grip very well but it got me into a bunch of trouble this time.


With the lack of power I wasn’t able to keep up with my friends I was tandeming with. An unexpected spin meant that I was just far enough behind that they had just enough time to come to a complete stop as I was initiating into the turn. Add in that low front grip I was talking about and you have a nasty lock up into t-bone with frame rail 50/50 smash.


Anyway, it happens. At least I got a few good pics from friends before it happened and I finally took video. Youtube is free so that’s where the video is haha!

Of course after the crash my water heater at the shop would decide to spring a leak while I’m at work.


And the last few pics of her ever looking like this again. Photo credits go to Beau Bridges for Minus Darkslide and Jeffrey Buchanan at Golden Automotive Photography both of whom are on FaceBook!



P1 Drifting






Where To Start

Where To Start 1a

First off, I never would have made it to the event without the help of my friends. This is one of the most important aspects of why I’m able to continue drifting and having fun. A borrowed trailer, a borrowed truck and hours of work from people who just like to have fun.

Where To Start 2a

Do I want a diesel truck with enclosed trailer to make it easier? Hells yeah! But the more I re-evaluate and think, it’s not necessary. All the prep I’ve been doing lately to get ready for SEMA has almost overshadowed the fact that I will continue to do this regardless of whether or not I have sponsors.

where to start 3a

To me this is fun. It looks cool, feels good and introduces me to amazing people all over the country. Competitions may be in the future but this phase of not caring about roll center and proper geometry is what defines a style. There is no arguing with proper dynamics, although I will try haha!

where to start 4a

The first vinyl graphic I applied from an entrepreneur in Medford, OR. It’s always inspirational to hear other people’s stories about coming from the bottom, “now we here!” These are the people that help me to stay on my mission, to keep believing that there is some reason behind why I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love.

where to start 5a

I love seeing the hustle from other people over a thousand miles away, working crazy hours, jamming out to some good music and wrenching on cars. This is universal, the appreciation for automobiles and the ability to wheel them like some people only dream about. This is what keeps me going some nights, knowing there is someone who is trying to do it better and bring their own style to the forefront.

where to start 6a

Then there’s the driving. Yes Lord!! It doesn’t get too much better than the first time you touch the track surface, mash that throttle to the floor and put to the test all that you have done for the past year. Everything from the driver’s meeting to the ride alongs and talking to fans, it’s a surreal experience. This is only heightened by the fact that I get to talk to people on Facebook and then finally meet them. The camaraderie amongst our scene is one of the biggest draws for me, much more than road racing or autocrossing like I’ve done.

where to start 7a

There is always a collection of people willing to help out with knowledge, busted knuckles, loaning volt meters and even offering rides to the local parts store, all in a effort to help you destroy some tires.

where to start 9a

Then there’s the style. I love being able to see first hand what others are doing, why they do it and how they throw down on track. We come from all over to clown on each others style, hype them up and interject our own opinions. Sometimes I just sit back and watch how people communicate, it becomes easy to see how much people care about drifting and cars in general. There is soo much outside my scope that I can’t wait to discover.

where to start 10a

To me it’s not always about the pretty. I like to see what goes on in the trenches, the real work that goes on behind the flashy front. The banged up cars, dollars spent and effort put forth to put on a show sets so many apart from the crowd. I guess it’s my technical background that likes to look deeper. In fact, I can’t wait to get back to doing some editorial pieces on really cool cars. I have emerged from my fabrication cave and it’s time to start showing you all how I see things.

where to start 11a

Then there’s the challenge of next year! I couldn’t imagine not going back after the warm welcome (literally, it was hot!). The cool people, relaxed atmosphere and technical track all make for a strong magnetism that I can’t deny myself. Next time I will do it better, louder, lower and flashier!

where to start 12a

And just like everything, there is an end. I know eventually this car will wither away into nothingness. There may be nothing but a couple bytes of information that chronicle what happened. But damn, this is fun!

where to start 13a

where to start 14a


Thanks to the monumental efforts of my brother Dave, 18 hours later we have arrived! Sleeeeeep….



The Beginning

As I ride in the passenger seat of a friends truck, I can’t help but to reminisce on the journey thus far. To me this isn’t years in the making but decades. I would like to give my most sincere thanks to my family and friends that have helped me on numerous occasions, to lengths indescribable.

This is when the fun begins!!


Drag N’ drift

XDC Irwindale : Photos

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Drift N’ Drag

The Last PIR Drift Event!!!!

So I had no intentions of this post being anything big.  My first thoughts were something along the lines of me trying to be funny and posting a bunch of the pictures I had taken over the course of the weekend.  It has kind of gone further than that with recent news that Phoenix International Raceway has apparently decided that they can no longer benefit from having a road course in addition to their NASCAR oval track.

Of course at this point, they seem to only be rumors but, they have been heard from the right people. It seems as though this is the end of an era so to speak. I’m confident this is not the end of “Big Track Drifting” in Arizona. For all that Firebird may possess, it cannot compare to the sheer awesome of PIR!

Of course there is the possibility of the raceway building the infield in such a way that there can be a course setup safely. Either way, PIR as it was last driven, will never happen again. This shouldn’t sound to somber as it was the collection of friends that created the fun environment.

All these friends remain, minus one BMW, so therefore the good times have to roll on. This is more like a fallen soldier. A friend that is moving away to another state or what have you. They’re still around so you can call them, but the relationship isn’t the same.

There are still soo many things to look forward to. We have a couple guys that are going to make a serious run at XDC Irwindale, both with real chances of doing well.

I myself, after finishing my car this year, am planning on making it to the entire West Coast XDC series and competing wherever the final is held. Unsure of the outcome at this point, but I am very sure that the journey will be fun!

For some reason I felt compelled to make this a big weekend. In hindsight it seems completely justified haha! I ran in the DE classes on Saturday since I figured there would not be many opportunities this year to get some grip driving seat time.

Basically I asked for my DE3 check ride, which was actually a check watch as I had no passenger seat, in the first session. It may have been a little cocky as I was on fresh knuckles that I had welded myself. There’s something to be said for driving 100+ mph next to a brick wall on suspension components fabbed up by yourself and some friends.

There’s also something to be said about the feeling of true friendship when you see a group of people band together to make sure everyone has fun during the day. A tech nightmare ensued Sunday morning as something on the order of 9 out of 10 drift cars failing tech inspection for various reasons, most common being the 5th point strap on safety harnesses.

Sharing of tools, knowledge and free hands helped to make sure that everyone drove that day. The day wasn’t without consequence however. For all the love we show, PIR has a nastiness about her that can put you in check with a quickness. Busted engines….

Thrown engine codes……

There are a bunch of different levels of drivers, hobbyists and businesses that will not let the spirit of PIR die wherever we go next.

So until we meet again. Peace!!!


I know right…. Two weeks later haha!!

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Women’s Drift School

Yeah I’m just that lucky that I get to instruct.  Win!!!

Drag N’ Drift July

Mike Burns aka Dick Trickle

: Street Or Strip Concepts

Ryan’s FC      No, it didn’t show up on a trailer, and yes, it really is that low!!!

Bri’s S14

: Ace Up Motorsports