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Design Contest Part Two

This is what I’m going to give the artists that are actually trying as inspiration.

Drag N’ Drift July

Mike Burns aka Dick Trickle

: Street Or Strip Concepts

Ryan’s FC      No, it didn’t show up on a trailer, and yes, it really is that low!!!

Bri’s S14

: Ace Up Motorsports

Someone Tricked Me Into Doing Electrical

Day One : Kaiyobi

Design from Tyler

This is the best I’ve seen so far and I hear there’s one coming with color!!  I gotta get my logo design up here.

Graffiti Submision

Design Contest

So because my art skills have faded severely since high school, I have started a design contest to see who can come up with a killer logo and also some graffiti font for the name.   Can’t wait to see the results, which will be posted here!!