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Amazing photography and the subjects are right up your alley.


Quick snap from the last Drift Event I was at.

Closer Still

Rear boxes are tacked in!

Now I can get started tacking in the roll bar and figuring out where I want to land the front down tubes

The passenger side down tube ended up perfect but the drivers side not so much. Bend another one…

Cage Work

Front down tubes that go over the door and down by the a-pillar…

Boxes getting tacked in so I can trim the bars to size…

Mint Green Two Tone

She still exist, patiently waiting her turn to reach a level of glory she has yet to know.

Desperate Times!!

106 degrees outside, I can’t take it anymore. I made it last summer just fine but for some reason it seems worth the money to spare to have A/C this year! Thanks to the hook up from a good friend, I’ll be working round the clock for the rest of the weekend to get the cage done on the practice car. Updates soon!!


Drift Prep

Massive tire rubbing, runs like crap, but I bet you it slides like hell tomorrow.