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New Style

I have now in my possession the new design from a good friend of mine. So happy as it’s beyond expectation!

Thanks Milen!


I still have a lot to learn about F-stops, exposure, composition and such but I’m so excited to have a little bit better software for resizing.  Also, the picture quality is amazing even though it may not show with my current skill level.  I’m looking forward to updating progress now haha!

Old setup taken with new setup (huh?)

New setup taken with old setup (now you get it)

Kamikaze BottleRockets Facebook Page Is Up!!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody!!  Check the Facebook page for updates about local events, posts that will end up here and to connect with anyone else who likes the Kamikaze BottleRockets!!

C’s Garage : Silvia Rack Relocation

This is something I definitely plan on doing once I finish messing with the Hicas rack + AN lines and reservoir relocation.

Logo/Graffiti Contest Winners

Tyler from Tuning Gruppe has some amazing graffiti skills.  Hope to do some work with him in the future.  Side note, Tuning Gruppe has some of the sickest VW’s I’ve seen in AZ!

Logo winner Lorenzo.  He’s starting a graphics design group so I can only imagine some of the stuff that’s going to come out of there.  Wish you all could see his sketch book.

I will definitely be going to these guys in the future for t-shirt designs, graphics schemes and other art badassery!

Logo/Graffiti Contest Over

Winning design for the logo is from Lorenzo :

Here’s one of the submissions for the logo contest.  An interesting interpretation of a bottle rocket, but still very cool.

Tyler’s coloring which were talking about redoing

Design Contest Part Two

This is what I’m going to give the artists that are actually trying as inspiration.

Design from Tyler

This is the best I’ve seen so far and I hear there’s one coming with color!!  I gotta get my logo design up here.

Graffiti Submision

Design Contest

So because my art skills have faded severely since high school, I have started a design contest to see who can come up with a killer logo and also some graffiti font for the name.   Can’t wait to see the results, which will be posted here!!