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Motorsports Finally?

I could explain the absence but I think I’d rather procrastinate on that until I have a good explanation other than just not giving enough of a shit. The transition into a full time position hasn’t really happened just yet but I’m going to be positive and put into the universe what I would like to have happen. After round one of Formula Drift Pro2 helping my friend Rob Carlsen, I’ve decided that making a career out of professional drifting is a good idea but a difficult one to implement. I’m for damn sure going to have to deal with a severely decreased income but I’ve positioned myself in life to where that is possible with a few more moves to be made.

Here’s to going for it 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽

World of Outlaws

There’s no real explanation for World of Outlaws.  If you claim to be a car nut, this is one of those things you need to experience, a lot like shifter karts.  The things these cars do, on dirt, with turns, in a pack of cars; it’s just crazy.


I mean, when you need another V8 just to push the thing and get it started; and when you only have “in gear” and “out of gear”, you have to instantly understand how ballistic these things are.  They’re missiles on wheels.


Push-rod, single cam, 410 cubic inch and solid axles doesn’t scream performance to the average car guy these days.  Couple that with an adjustable aero package, dry sump pumps, staggered tires and true drivers you will understand that this is everything good about racing.  Real drivers hustling real cars around a few corners faster than most vehicles make it down the drag strip.


A half-mile, in 13.892 seconds when you add in two turns is insane.  That’s about as fast as Mark IV Supra TT get’s down the strip.


Center lock wheels with a myriad of wheel spacers help to adjust the left to right traction conditions.  You would be surprised at how much grip dirt allows.  They will hook up in the turns enough to corner on one wheel.  Sit back and think about everything that goes into making a turn, on one wheel, over 90mph in a 1400lb race car.


I didn’t have the opportunity to weigh one of the tires for myself but lets just say, you can lift two in one hand.  They’re a special construction of nylon and rubber with the perfect properties for flying on the ground.