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Curve Balls

See, this is why I only keep long term plans in my mind. Things change in my life as quickly as the weather but where one door closes, another seems to open in its place. Here’s to new possibilities and continuing positive friendships!


Motorsports Finally?

I could explain the absence but I think I’d rather procrastinate on that until I have a good explanation other than just not giving enough of a shit. The transition into a full time position hasn’t really happened just yet but I’m going to be positive and put into the universe what I would like to have happen. After round one of Formula Drift Pro2 helping my friend Rob Carlsen, I’ve decided that making a career out of professional drifting is a good idea but a difficult one to implement. I’m for damn sure going to have to deal with a severely decreased income but I’ve positioned myself in life to where that is possible with a few more moves to be made.

Here’s to going for it 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽