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The Unknown

I don’t know where this is going. I know where I want my business and drifting career to go, It’s just that I am surprised at every turn. I can’t possibly thank enough the people that have supported me to this point. I hope that I can give back to everyone in the near future!



Blogs I Follow

Amazing photography and the subjects are right up your alley.

Noriyaro Article

Here’s a superbly written article on Nakai-san, the owner/operator of Rauh Welt Begriff or “Rough World”.  I can only hope to produce the same quality of car that he does.

Kamikaze BottleRockets Facebook Page Is Up!!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody!!  Check the Facebook page for updates about local events, posts that will end up here and to connect with anyone else who likes the Kamikaze BottleRockets!!